“You Art” is the narrative of the homonymous project promoted by Eni in partnership with the 2020 Quadriennale di Roma. Already in the previous edition, Eni was the Main Sponsor of the large contemporary art exhibition, demonstrating a particular commitment to sharing art and culture, especially with younger audiences.

“You Art” is a project aimed at encouraging young students from diverse parts of the world to engage in structured and constructive dialogue on art themes relevant to the world they live and grow up in today, using a common language, English. The project entails a genuine “tournament” of debates on topics related to contemporary art conducted by seven teams of students from high schools in Ghana, Cyprus, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates.

This documentary narrates the project through the eyes of the young individuals who experienced it firsthand, bringing their passion for art and debate to the screen, as well as their dreams, fears, and hopes for the future.

The project was curated by the Merlini Storti Restoration Studio, and the documentary was directed by Gianluca Santoni.