Canvases, Panels, and Sculptures

Mobiliary paintings are usually divided into two groups: those on canvas and those on panel. However, there are paintings produced on copper, stone, paper and glass as well…

Mural Paintings and Stuccos

Restoring mural paintings is certainly a physically and mentally demanding discipline that requires specific expertise but it is also extremely exciting and rewarding…

Open Restoration

Valeria Merlini and Daniela Storti created the open restoration format in 1999. Open restoration offers the public the unique opportunity to engage with a masterpiece of Italian art in a critical moment of its conservative path…


Luca Giordano, Jesus among the doctors

Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s perimeter wall – Rome

Paintings from the museum space of Palazzo Brancaccio, Rome

Luca Giordano, Christ among the Doctors

Saint Jerome of Croats Church, Rome

Sebastiano Conca, Church of Sant’Agostino

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