On Site – Restauro Experience

On Site – Restauro Experience is a program that gives the public the opportunity to enter one of the most famous restoration studios in Rome only a stone’s throw from the Pantheon and to engage with ancient and contemporary works of art through the eyes of restorers. Valeria Merlini and Daniela Storti, who have restored numerous masterpieces including three paintings by Caravaggio, will welcome you into their restoration studio to experience a level of understanding unattainable in traditional exhibition spaces.

Merlini-Storti is the sole studio that allows the public to observe the work of restorers up-close and gain a greater insight into Italian artists’ craftsmanship. An intimate examination of the artworks being restored in the studio will undoubtedly heighten visitors’ appreciation of the works and change visitors’ relationship with art forever…

In a 60 or 90 minute meeting, you will have the opportunity to visit our studio and see our work, which will always be exclusive, authentic and in progress.

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