Canvases, Panels, and Sculptures

Movable paintings are usually divided into two groups: those on canvas and those on panel. However, there are paintings produced on copper, stone, paper and glass as well. The surface type of a painting may differ based on which period of time it was created in, and the distinctive techniques employed by the artist may differ based on the surface type used. These discrepancies may entail very different restoration techniques that make use of constantly evolving technologies and materials.

With few exceptions, restorations take place inside the restoration studio, enabling restorers to control the stability of the microclimate. Stable temperature and humidity levels are crucial for artworks, especially for those on wood panel as they remain hypersensitive to the surrounding environment even after several centuries.

Even sculptures, whether constructed from polychrome or marble, must be restored using methodologies suited to their distinctive technical features. In addition, working with three-dimensional pieces requires an acute attention to the appearance of the image at varying points of observation.

Wooden Crucifix, Church of Santa Maria dell’Anima

Carlo Ademollo, House of Representatives

Bernardo Celentano, House of Representatives

Giacinto Gimignani, Church of Santa Maria dell’Anima

Luca Giordano, Private Collection

Carlo Maratta, Church of San Giovanni Battista dei Fiorentini