Wooden Crucifix, Church of Santa Maria dell’Anima


Church of Santa Maria dell’Anima in Rome: the restoration of the Wooden crucifix and the rediscovery of the original polychromy.

Restoration conducted by Valeria Merlini and Daniela Storti with the collaboration of Mariarosaria Di Napoli.

Promoted by the Superintendency for the Historical, Artistic and Ethnoanthropological Heritage and the Museum Center of the city of Rome.

The cleaning was carried out using an EOS Vario prototype laser equipment and subsequently the Eos1000 LQS laser. Through a photomechanical process, the laser has made it possible to remove the overburdens, while  respecting  the integrity of the  original surface, without exerting mechanical actions and harmful friction given the precariousness of the conservative state.

Management of Works: Dr. Lucia Calzona, Special Superintendency for the Artistic Heritage and for the Museum Center of the city of Rome.