In 2020 once again, Eni reaffirms its role as the Main Sponsor of the Quadriennale d’arte, now in its 17th edition. The project, entitled “Intemporaneo,” stems from the idea of creating an experience where the visitor immerses themselves in an atmosphere of artistic transformation, leading them on a virtual journey from classicism to contemporary art. The 100 images presented, projected within the Auditorium Hall of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, depict artworks spanning from the Renaissance to 2020, sourced from Eni’s collection, the group of artworks exhibited at the 2020 Quadriennale d’arte “FUORI,” and the extensive archive of the Merlini-Storti Restoration Studio, which also curated the selection and sequence. Marco Capasso, through digital animation work on the artworks, has merged individual images into a unique visual experience. To complement this, composer Antonio Fresa has specially crafted a soundtrack that, perfectly synchronized with the images, will transport the visitor into an “Intemporaneo” world. The project is conceived and curated by the Merlini-Storti Studio and the Creative Studio of Marco Capasso.