Giulio Romano, Chiesa di Santa Maria dell’Anima

Giulio Romano, Sacra Famiglia

The “Holy Family” by Giulio Romano, located above the main altar of S. Maria dell’Anima, has been under restoration to address its complex state of conservation.

The operation, which took place under the high supervision of the Superintendence, was designed by Valeria Merlini and Daniela Storti, who carried out the conservative intervention. This operation was based on an agreement between the Chamber of Deputies and the Pontifical Teutonic Institute, owner of the table, with the aim of allowing a public viewing of the work in all its phases.

The painting was placed in a room equipped as a laboratory, protected and air-conditioned and made visible to the public for the entire duration of the restoration, supported by a complete diagnostic campaign. Anyone who wanted to follow him was able to go to Via degli Uffici del Vicario to ask the technicians questions about the state of health of the work and see the entire conservation itinerary in a video.

It is the first time that an institutional space has been made available for an operation of this type, based on teaching and communication and whose costs are, moreover, totally borne by the sponsors (UniCredit Group and Fondazione Carife) who for years now they give their support to culture.

The conservative intervention began in the first days of January 2007 and was presented on 25 October of the same year in the Yellow Room of the Chamber of Deputies, in the presence of the President of the Chamber Fausto Bertinotti. On Friday 26 October and Saturday 27 October the public was also able to visit the painting inside the parliamentary headquarters.

The entire intervention was constantly supported and supported by a vast diagnostic campaign, carried out by the engineer Claudio Falcucci, which allowed us to operate in total safety and at the same time to be able to collect a series of important scientific data on the executive technique of the work .

Restoration carried out by Valeria Merlini and Daniela Storti.
Works direction: Rossella Vodret.
Sponsor: UniCredit Group and Carife Foundation