– Senigallia, June 22, 2013 – Eni is participating in CaterRaduno 2013, the grand radio festival taking place from June 22 to June 29, 2013, in Senigallia, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, CaterRaduno will run for eight consecutive days, combining performances, meetings, and free concerts with live broadcasts of Rai Radio2 Caterpillar and Caterpillar AM programs.
Eni, a long-time partner of the event, aims to celebrate the 15 years of CaterRaduno with the Artemateria exhibition held inside the Rotonda a Mare in Senigallia. The exhibition is free to enter, with the theme revolving around materials.
Curated by Valeria Merlini and Daniela Storti, the showcase presents 10 artworks selected from the Eni collection, offering a captivating journey through ingenuity and creativity. These masterpieces by renowned Italian artists of the 20th century (Boetti, Castellani, Ceccobelli, De Pisis, Di Stefano, Gilardi, Guttuso, Notturni, Rotella, Sironi) are displayed to the public exceptionally, providing ample food for thought on the evolution of artistic techniques. The ten pieces have been carefully chosen to showcase a variety of execution techniques, and the entire exhibition emphasizes accessibility, thanks to the presence of young experts guiding visitors and an arrangement aligned with the exhibition theme: materials.
Simultaneously, other cultural and entertainment initiatives will take place in the space of Rotonda a Mare, such as nighttime astronomical observations, held in collaboration with the Senigalliese Association of Astronomy “Aristarco di Samo.”
This initiative aligns with Eni’s cultural strategy, which since 2008 has been promoting events through a unique and recognized exhibition formula in Italy and abroad, based on the free display of high-quality artworks accompanied by educational insights and attentive reception to every need of the public.
Examples of this include the exhibitions organized by Eni in Milan at Palazzo Marino over the past five years, which have brought extraordinary masterpieces to the city such as Caravaggio’s “Conversion of Saul” (2008), Leonardo da Vinci’s “Saint John the Baptist” (2009), Titian’s “Woman at a Mirror” (2010), Georges de La Tour’s “Adoration of the Shepherds” and “Saint Joseph the Carpenter” (2011), Canova’s “Cupid and Psyche” and Gérard’s “Psyche and Cupid” (2012).
Support for culture and local communities and traditions has always been a distinguishing feature of Eni, which has chosen the motto “Culture of Energy, Energy of Culture” to describe its commitment to promoting artistic and cultural events in the countries where it operates. This tradition of supporting culture stems directly from the founder Enrico Mattei, an art enthusiast who established the most significant nucleus of the company’s artistic heritage.
Transmitting and supporting culture is thus a fundamental aspect of Eni’s societal engagement, in which it deeply identifies and presents its own project with a constant consideration of innovation, a word that is central to all the company’s actions.